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March 23, 2007

Windows XP & Typing Arabic on a PC…What to do if you don’t have a MAC;-(

First of all it is my recommendation to all those Arabic Learners out there that want to get started with typing Arabic, get a Mac…i mean you don’t see all those reporters in Iraq with Mac’s because they look cool….anyway….As you probably know by now…Mac’s make Arabic keyboarding a cinche. I mean, the standard Arabic Keylayout is literally “STANDARD” meaning pre-installed…and if you want to modify the Mac Qwerty or even Standard Keylayout then all you need is Ukelele (described on a previous posting, see below).

Ok….enought of that….i’m sorry i went on so long about that Mac VS. PC stuff………but the point i’m trying to make is…….this is an area where IT REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFF WHICH ONE YOU GOT:-)

If you are a PC “buff” or if you are stuck with a PC, and still can’t keep yourself away from Unicode Scripts like Arabic: Then follow this link!!! You’ll be doing this stuff like this: أنا أُحِبُّ ماكينتَوش ولُغَةِ العَرَبيةِ in no time!!! Especially if you go with a QWERTY setup. And of course the Qwerty setup i recommend most…..is aziizkeez (you can download the latest version below). Reach all the most important haraket/tashkeel without HITTING SHIFT….I call it “Qwerty for Educators and Students” cuz I don’t think anyone else almost ever uses all those cool looking vowels….enjoy here is the link to get you PC people in the game;-)







al-Husein N. Madhany

The University of Chicago (Graduate Student)

The above article is now available as a POWER POINT presentation!!! ALSO the both links are as of NOW UP TO DATE…..meaning if you downloaded it before…..it might be worth a another shot.



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