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March 23, 2007

aziizkeez_v2_2……..UPDATED keylayout……for Mac



March 2, 2007

aziizkeez. . . . . . . my Arabic-QWERTY keylayout;-)

I have a Mac. . . . which means my computer has a natural nack for Arabic typsets, it comes with both a Standard Arabic Keylayout and Mac’s own version of Arabic-QWERTY. Lets start with Standard. This is the kind of thing you might find an Al-Jazeera reporter equipped with, it is the REAL thing (مِن اصلِ عربيّ), of coures it bares little resemblance to a QWERTY set-up but that is the point it was developed (i hope) for efficiency with the native Arabic speaker in mind. However, like “organic milk” real isn’t always better!!! Atleast not for us native-english-typists out there that just so happen to be Arabic Learners too. This is where Arabic-QWERTY comes in. . . it’s an attempt at mapping Arabic phonetics to an English standard Qwerty setup. The only problem is. . . . .WHERE did all the tashkeel/harakat go??? Hitting “Option” or “fn” to get a Darn Damma is not my idea of efficient. . . . and it is for this reason that I developed my own Arabic-QWERTY keylayout called aziizkeez, which is fast, efficient, generally user-friendly, and an absolute breeze to learn . . . . but you don’t have to take my word for it. . . . . you can download it right from this blog and try it out for yourself. . . . . either way I’m happy because I have already found what works for me. Oh yes, and if you would like to try your hand at creating your own custome keylaout (on a Mac) just download Ukelele the same Mac app I used to develop theaziizkeez.keylayout file (just click the link and give it spin).

That’s all for now. . . . I hope to make aziizkeez(G) available soon for you Windows users out there. . . . but for now. . Enjoy!!!


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